Where to from here?

by Nov 17, 2019

The next three months are super exciting for me, with 3 concerts confirmed in Mid-Feb 2020 for the performance of all 10 Beethoven violin sonatas within three days…and all in my new gorgeous neighbourhood of Central Otago.

It’s quite possible that I am naïve to the full enormity of this project – but one thing is for sure, sinking my teeth into these works again is a true treat, and the magnitude of the project is just what I am now needing at this point in my life.

New challenges

As many of you will know, I left my beloved NZTrio more than 2 years ago (mid-2017). Ready for some new challenges and moving on from one life-dream to another, my husband Marc Taddei and I sold up in Auckland and bought land in Central Otago in order to build our dream home – which was completed in August this year (2019) and we absolutely love it!!

Throughout the 12-month build, I was heavily involved helping with the project management – a role that I absolutely relished. But of course, this role was all consuming, so for a while there, my violin playing took a bit of a back seat, with just a few projects here and there to keep me in the game.

Where to from here?

Taking several steps back from my performing career has proved to be hugely insightful for me. Initially, I put some significant time into articulating my personal performance philosophy, which required me to analyze in detail my whole approach to playing.

As a result of my continual desire to improve and develop through my career to this point, I have made all sorts of mind and body discoveries that have proved to be hugely valuable – and with some extra space to consider ‘where-to-from-here’ I realise that I’m highly motivated to share my knowledge with other performers. Fundamentally I want to help other professionals perform at their best – and most importantly, support them to truly enjoy what they do. Too many have lost that ability.

Creative Performance Coaching

In order to share my knowledge, I created my Creative Performance Coaching business, built this website and then started coaching professional musicians. I am thrilled to report that every musician has reaped significant rewards from this coaching – and interestingly all this new work delving into my approach and helping others with theirs, has very positively impacted on my own playing and motivation to perform.

Beethoven 2020

Encouraged by this new-found inspiration, I jumped at the chance to perform all 10 Beethoven Sonatas when pianist and good friend Kate Boyd approached me to create a project for her sabbatical from Butler University in the States.

The time was right for a significant project – so Beethoven 2020 was born.


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